A simple but powerful notion that is at the core of Bidvino. At its inception, Bidvino was founded as an auction house as a way to share an eclectic range of vintage and rare fine wine collections with fellow wine enthusiasts in Hong Kong through easily accessible weekly cycled auctions.

As the demand increased, Bidvino grew into the retail and e-commerce sphere to share our incredibly diverse catalogue with the more day to day wine drinkers as well as fine wine enthusiasts so that everyone is able to enjoy wine. Our passion for wine is ingrained in our philosophy and is the driving force behind our desire to establish ourselves as the one stop solution for online wine sales in Hong Kong.


A key cornerstone of our philosophy at Bidvino, we believe that everyone can and everyone should be able to enjoy wine. At Bidvino, we believe the process of enjoying wine comes from three key points:

  • i) Good value - focusing on value over cost allows everyone to enjoy wine and opens up a range of options for day to day as well as seasoned wine enthusiasts without getting fixated on the price tag

  • ii) A basic grasp and appreciation for wine - you most definitely can enjoy wine without wanting to know anything about it, but a basic understanding of what you're drinking and why you prefer that will help you enjoy your wine to its fullest

    iii) Understanding your preference - everyone is different; your specific taste is your own and embracing that will help you navigate the extensives varieties and styles and find the wines you enjoy the best

    Our goal at Bidvino is to provide you with a one stop solution that offers a range of wine from everyday to fine wine options, relevant user-friendly information to help you understand what you are purchasing and enthusiastic customer service to help you understand better what you enjoy. Plainly put, our goal at Bidvino is to simplify the process for you to enjoy wine.


While customer service is hugely important to us at Bidvino and a cornerstone of our company's approach to ensuring customers are receiving their wines as efficiently as possible, we also want to hear about your experiences and preferences. As wine can be very subjective, we value each of our customer’s input and use each experience to provide a better one for the next customer.

At Bidvino we are always available to make suggestions, if you are unsure or just don’t have the time to look through what you want to try next- as a smaller team we value open communication and at the end of the day want to share our passion for wine with each and every customer. For any concerns, questions or just to have a chat about wine, reach out to us at 63930679.


At Bidvino we always aim to limit the issues that arise as we want to be a dependable one stop solution for our customers. However, in the case there is a logistical, inventory or system problem, Bidvino will always look to provide solutions to offer customers alternatives and advice before all else.

Customer satisfaction is second to none at Bidvino, and so we are always happy to suggest alternatives for wine or delivery related issues based on your preferences and will always work to have your order delivered as intended, or as best and close to an alternative as possible.