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Committed to providing the best value for our customers while also representing our partnered family wineries fairly, Bidvino may not always have the most affordable price on the market. We say that knowingly and vocally - we respect our wineries, the wine makers, and the wine itself with fair and competitive pricing points that reflects the work put into creating the final bottled product.

To reward our customer's continued patronage, we have launched our Bidvino Rewards Program, accessible through a one stop rewards widget accessible on any page of our website. With a user friendly set up, Bidvino Rewards helps you track, find out how to earn more points and easily redeem your discount giving you additional value on every order!

Offering Bidvino points for new registrations, every order placed, product reviews submitted and referrals to our website, Bidvino aims to help you spend smarter so you’re getting the most value out of your orders, while discovering some of the finest family wineries from regions around the world!



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