If you want your wine sooner rather than later, we can relate to that! Bidvino offers a comprehensive, contactless-option delivery service, free for any order over $1000HKD in one transaction, to one address, and only an extra $100HKD for delivery on any order under $1000HKD.

Bidvino’s delivery is dependent on location within Hong Kong and we need the order and payment received before 3pm the previous day to qualify. The schedule is as follows:

Hong Kong Island Delivery: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Kowloon and NT: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Lantau*: Tuesday, Friday

*Lantau delivery only covers Tung Chung, Discovery Bay and Ma Wan.For any delivery to areas not covered above, we are always happy to look for solutions- usually a courier service that can be settled directly with the delivery person. This charge is not included in our delivery fee as it will be a separate company, but a quote is available on request. We apologise for not covering all areas in Hong Kong, but we are committed to helping you send or receive your order as smoothly as possible.

If a specific delivery window is preferable, please reach out and we will do our best to facilitate. Our daily schedule is dependent on the other deliveries that day to ensure all are complete, so we will always address your requests as best we can, but appreciate your understanding if we are unable to guarantee a specific delivery time. For any concerns or deliveries internationally, please contact us directly at 63930679.


Keeping to our roots as an auction platform, Bidvino is committed to its original goal of offering exclusive rare and fine wine offerings through our updated platform. The online auction events will offer exhibitions featuring rare, back vintaged and cult wines suitable for collectors and enthusiasts, featuring the best of our cellared collection but in a more approachable and customer centric approach.

Wine auctions have long since had a culture of being exclusive, listing extremely high price tags and being catered to a specific target market of industry experts and wine enthusiasts with prior auction experience. At Bidvino we want to introduce a more welcoming approach that appeals to established collectors as well as emerging wine lovers. Our emphasis is centered around a user friendly and inclusive platform that maintains its professionalism while making it accessible for anyone to step into or further curate their passion for wine collecting.


The emphasis in our catalogue is overwhelmingly focused on family owned wineries, feeling our passion for wine closely aligns with theirs. With family owned wineries we learn the stories and philosophies the winery and winemakers abide by that often defines the wines to its core and is the foundation for its style and taste.

From small to large scale wineries from all major wine growing countries, Bidvino aims to not only provide a quality product, but present the philosophy of the winery often displaying a range of products for each winery so our customers are able to understand and experience the full story and mentality behind the wine and harness that appreciation to enjoy each glass to its fullest.