The BIDVINO Loyalty Stamp Card

Receive more value from each order with Bidvino’s new virtual Stamp Card!

For any order with a Bidvino customer account and a payment value of HKD$1000 and above, receive our standard free shipping as well as one Bidvino stamp and work your way up to some great benefits!

Follow the simple steps below and redeem great benefits on your purchases!

1. Register an account with Bidvino

2. Place an order with a payment value of HKD$1000 or above to receive one stamp, visible on your account page.

3. At 4 stamps, you will automatically receive store credit in the amount of HKD$250 deposited directly to your account and can be used for future purchases.

4. At 8 stamps, we will gift you a special white/red wine of your choice, valued at $500.

5. Your stamp card resets and you can work toward redeeming more store credit and free bottles of great wine!