One of the key aspects of understanding the style and quality indicators of Burgundy wine when making a purchase is interpreting the labelling system that is unique to the region. The labels of Burgundy wines provide valuable information about its origin, quality, and characteristics and style Here, we will break...

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Australian winemakers are innovating and experimenting with new winemaking techniques, resulting in delicious and environmentally friendly wines.

Image Source: Australian winemakers are known for their innovation, creativity an willingness to experiment with their winemaking techniques and styles. As part of the ‘New World’ of wine, winemakers enjoy more freedom with their philosophies, methods and grape variety choice. As a result, Australian winemakers are often at the forefront...

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“Livy my darling, I want you to be sure and remember to have, in the bathroom, . . .  a bottle of Angostura bitters. . . . .” said Mark Twain in one of his letters to his wife Livy.  So, what is special about this statement aside from the...

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