Primed for Champagne

We all know why Champagne is great. Like how we know each Louis Roederer wine is definitely something we should all try, such as their N.V. Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Premier [BUY NOW].

Champagne is amazing in all sorts of ways. A research by University of Reading and spearheaded by Professor Jeremy Spencer made waves after it shared the results of studying the effect of this fine wine. With compounds assisting in improving spatial memory, Champagne can help fight of certain illnesses such as dementia. In fact, this drink is high in antioxidants — polyphenols in particular — which aids in lowering blood pressure. A fun way to take care of your heart, if we may say so.

If a perfect way to unwind is what you want, then look no further. The mesmerizing manner of how bubbles rise up has a calming effect similar to doing different kinds of yoga poses. So buying two bottles of 2006 Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Nature [BUY NOW] is exactly the same thing minus the awkwardness at every pose.

Indulging to Champagne cravings is also a guilt-free affair. Comparing it to red wines which as 100 calories per 120ml glass, a glass or two [the same ml] of this fine bubbly drink may only contain 90 calories. Take that diet snobs.

After hearing all of these, then why is Champagne drinking limited and associated to very specific occasions? As we wrote before, almost everyone has this perception of Champagne and celebrations going hand in hand. People instantly think of getting Champagne for that special event. For birthdays? Champagne. For weddings? Champagne. But really, why?

One clever answer to this might be the fact that uncorking this wine is a spectacle itself. The use of saber, like the well-designed Champagne Saber from Vagnbys [BUY NOW], to open a bottle is always an exciting sight to see. Another reason is that a glass of this drink adds a touch of finesse, elegance, and fanciness in just one pour. It has this appeal to transform something average into an extraordinary experience.

At the end of it all, perhaps Champagne has a noble cause to implicitly add happiness that is not easily described. But the concept of drinking Champagne should not conform or just revolve around a number of milestones. Identical to how you drink other wines, the secret to fully savouring each glass is: drink it anytime of day.

A casual rendezvous with your partner? Open a bottle of Champagne. Time to read some books piled up in the corner? Pick a glass and pour some 2009 Louis Roederer Champagne Blanc De Blancs [BUY NOW]. With just a bottle of Champagne, one transforms a mundane task into an entertaining activity.

There is no doubt about it; Champagne is an exceptional wine. Much like how Louis Roederer strives to make each bottle to perfect the quality of sublime taste.

The Supremacy on Quality

Quoting a previous article on Louis Roederer, “One can only expect great things from a man who was considered a visionary”. Indeed, the success of this family-owned winery is due to the traditions laid out in its foundation. And these very practices are still kept today; a direct challenge in a world where modernity usually overcomes the conventional.

With the goal of mastering all the process involved in creating a wine — from choosing the terroir and growing their own grapes — the Champagne house firmly established itself as a pioneer of creating an exceptional estate. These along with other guiding principles of the winery: eye for amazing style, passion for unparalleled taste, inquisitive mind, and keen sense of going beyond what is expected; comprises what is now known as formidable reputation of Louis Roederer.

With an impressive selection of Champagne, how can you choose which Louis Roederer is the one?

You can’t. Each wine is exceptional and has its own distinct characteristic, taste, texture, and aroma that you simply have to get all to fully appreciate what Louis Roederer is all about. Here are some retail selections currently available for your drinking pleasure!

2011 Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Rosé | BUY NOW

“There's a smoky underpinning to this delicate, lacy rosé, which offers an aromatic mix of ripe strawberry, white peach, spring blossom and biscotti flavors framed by bright, clean-cut acidity. Drink now through 2021. Tasted twice, with consistent notes. 447 cases imported.”

2009 Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Nature By Philippe Starck (with gift box) | BUY NOW

“The clarity of chalk and white almond is striking. Gentle perfume with some light cherry fruits, peach, grapefruit and lemon citrus. The palate has a piercing burst of lemon and grapefruit flavor on the front and builds into gently biscuity and more savory flavors through the middle. Holds on to bright zesty acidity into the finish. Smooth, resolved and balanced. Really detailed. Drink now to 2020+.”

2009 Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut | BUY NOW

“The 2009 Cristal literally shimmers on the palate, showing great depth and purity in its sumptuous layers of fruit. It is a magnificent wine endowed with superb length and exceptional overall balance. The 2009 Cristal is 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. The percentage of wine aged in oak is 15%, which is down slightly from previous vintages.”

For everything else Louis Roederer, head on to our retail store.

By Bidvino Customer Service